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Teddy Clyde



Teddy Clyde Hatfield* was born January 14, 1903, on Blackberry Creek in Pike County, Kentucky. 


He taught school and was the principal when he married Opal Stafford, born January 7, 1909, on May 25, 1936.  Opal, also a teacher, was the daughter of Thomas and Zella Gooslin Stafford.  Opal taught school in both Kentucky and Indiana for 43 years.

Opal and Clyde.jpg

Opal and TC about 1992

TC and Opal's family

Opal and TC's children were:

  1. Teddy Clyde Hatfield Jr.

  2. Margaret Ann Hatfield Rader

  3. Nina Rose Hatfield

  4. Joy Kay Hatfield

Beyond family

As his family expanded, TC left teaching.  He worked as a clerk and carpenter for coal companies before he became a contractor.  He was a craftsman, who said that everyone makes mistakes--the difference is how you fix them.

At his core, TC was a philosopher.  He was equally at ease quoting the Bible, Shakespeare, or Mark Twain.  He, like his parents, grandparents, and siblings, had a keen interest in politics and the events of the day.

TC and Opal moved to Georgetown, Indiana, in 1961.  TC retired and Opal taught another 13 years in Indiana schools. 


Opal was interested in town affairs and was recognized by the Georgetown Town Board for her activities to improve the town.  Hatfield Way, a street adjacent to her former home, was named in her honor.  She was well known for her hot rolls, her pies, especially her coconut, chocolate, and applesauce, and her Christmas fruit cake.

TC died on March 18, 1994, in New Albany, Indiana, and Opal died on November 23, 2009, in Columbus, Ohio.  He and Opal are buried at the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery.

TC ABOUT 7.jpg

TC about 7

Opal & TC.jpg

Opal and TC in 1986

*Excerpted from genealogical material in Love, Opal, Opal Stafford Hatfield, privately printed, 2008, p. 259-260.

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