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Hatfield Cemetery Project

The Jeff and Polly Hatfield family has joined other branches of Anderson and Polly's family with some specific tasks related to the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery and other family cemeteries.


The family has updated earlier inventories of the cemetery, specifically the Blackburn and Norman Inventories.  The mapping has been completed and the additional information added to this site.


Building on the work that has already been completed, the family would like to add the AHMC to the Hatfield-McCoy Feud Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.  In addition, the family would like to obtain a Kentucky Landmark designation for the AHMC.


While the primary focus is on the AHMC, information about other cemeteries related to the Hatfield family will also be made available. 

One of the first projects is to put a grave stone at the site where Polly Margaret Runyon Hatfield's mother, Parmelia Emeriah Lowe Runyon, is buried in Belfry, Kentucky.

2D0 Wash Stand 01.JPG

Wash basin made by Robert "B0b" Hatfield,  Anderson and Polly Hatfield's son.  The wash basin was recovered by Jack Blackburn.

AHC Crew.jpg

The cousins, led by Steve Hatfield, installed benches in 2014.

AHC Bentley and Joe.jpg

Bentley Adams and Joe Breeze test one of the benches installed by Jeff and Polly's family in 2014.

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