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Jeanette Hatfield



Jeanette Hatfield*, born February 11, 1908, was originally named “Jeanettie.”  She married Anthony Smith, born April 2, 1900, on November 14, 1936, in Pike County, Kentucky.  Anthony was the son of George and Arminda "Minda" Smith.  Anthony started spelling her name “Jeanette” and she continued to use that spelling throughout her life.


Jeanette was a robust woman with a boisterous laugh and a keen sense of humor.  She did whatever was needed for the situation and she put her whole heart into it. On one occasion, she was down in a ditch over her head checking on the sewer line. In 1987, at the age of 79, she climbed a tree to remove a bee swarm.  As stated in her obituary:** "Strong in will, strong in body, strong in faith, she was a wonderful example to all..."

Jeanette, like her sisters, was an excellent cook.  She was well known for her chicken and dumplings, her pecan pie, and for her carrot cake.  Her carrot cake would fetch a hefty price at Hatfield Family Reunions.

Anthony, who had been married to Melda Coleman, had a daughter, Della Racine Smith Hamilton, born February 18,  1925. Jeanette and Anthony raised Racine.  Anthony, who operated heavy equipment, died on October 14, 1963, and Racine died on February 12, 1999.





Jeanette & Anthony cropped septia.jpg

Jeanette and Anthony

Jeanette and LeeRoy

 Years after Anthony's death,  Jeanette eloped to Virginia with LeeRoy Smith on December 28, 1981.  LeeRoy, born December 17, 1903, was a member of Jeanette’s church.  She cared for him through his final illness until he died on October 15, 1989. 

Jeanette's later years

Jeannette was a member of the Samaria Primitive Baptist Church at Ransom, Pike, Kentucky.   Jeanette died on June 6, 2004, in McCarr, Pike County, Kentucky. She and Anthony are buried at the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery

Jeanette head shot.jpg

Jeanette in 1994


Jeanette (left) with LeEttie about  1910

*Excerpted in part from genealogical material in Love, Opal, Opal Stafford Hatfield, privately printed, 2008, p. 350-352.

**The obituary of Jeannette Smith, Minutes of the Original Mates Creek District Regular Primitive Baptist Association, September 3,4,5, 2004, page 33.

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