Jeff and Polly's Photo Album

About 1905

Estil, Clyde, and Earl Hatfield in a classic photo for the time period about 1905

4 in school w labels

Bob, Melda, Guy, and Katherine in a school picture

Melda and Earl in school label

Melda was one of Earl's students

Guy, Jeanette, Melda

Guy, Jeanette, and Melda

About 1924

LeEttie Hatfield Norman, Melda Hatfield Morris, Adam Norman, Jeanette Hatfield Smith, Polly Margaret Runyon Hatfield, Katherine Hatfield Scott, Jeff Hatfield, and Guy Hatfield about 1925

The Fashionistas

Katherine Hatfield Scott, seated, and Jeanette Hatfield Smith show off their dresses purchased with boarders' rent money

Hardy, Kentucky

Jim Alley, Fred Hatfield, Clyde Hatfield and Earl Hatfield before 1926

Dinner for Jeff's Birthday @ LeEttie's

Guy Hatfield, Estil Hatfield, Pearl Blackburn Hatfield, Johnny Anderson, Pauline Hatfield Morgan, Clyde Hatfield, and Orville Morris with Arnold Norman walking in background

May 4, 1956

Katherine Hatfield Scott, Melda Hatfield Morris, Jeanette Hatfield Smith, LeEttie Hatfield Norman, Bill Hatfield, Guy Hatfield, Bob Hatfield, Clyde Hatfield, and Estil Hatfield taken May 4, 1956

Jeff and Polly's Granddaughters

Polly Jane Morris Breeze, Josephine Hatfield Anderson, Janet Hatfield Bowe, Margaret Hatfield Rader, Phyllis Hatfield Blackburn, and Josephine Hatfield Morgan on May 4, 1956

May 4, 1956

Joy Kay Hatfield, Marlene Morris Adams, Rodney Blackburn, Greta Scott Helms, and Nina Rose Hatfield on May 4, 1956

Jeff and Polly's Daughters-in-law

Opal Stafford Hatfield, Lullis Kirk Hatfield, Pearl Blackburn Hatfield, Virginia Ratliff Hatfield, and Lilly Scott Hatfield

A barefoot afternoon

Arnold Norman, Paul Morris, Ted Hatfield, William Morris, and TJ Hatfield

Cousins on a Sunday afternoon

Susan Anderson Neel, Janet Hatfield Bowe, Greta Scott Helms in front with Polly Jane Morris Breeze, Margaret Hatfield Rader, and Phyllis Hatfield Blackburn in the back. TJ Hatfield photobombs on the right.

Visiting on Blackberry

Steve and TJ Hatfield in the front with Ted Hatfield, Paul Morris, and William "Bill" Morris in the back

Greta Scott and Stephen K Hatfield

Greta Jo Scott Helms and Stephen K. Hatfield

1951 Blackberry Basketball Team

Four of Jeff and Polly's grandsons played on the 1951 Blackberry Grade School team: Robert Hatfield, William Morris, TJ Hatfield, and Don Hatfield.