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LeEttie Hatfield


LeEttie Hatfield* was born July 12, 1905, in McCarr, Pike, Kentucky.  LeEttie married Adam "Ad" Norman on December 20, 1922.  Ad, the son of Jeremiah and Lula Norman, was born September 18, 1901. 

LeEttie and Adam's family

Adam & LeEttie Norman #2.jpg

LeEttie and Ad were the parents of:

  1. Calvin C. Norman, born March 15, 1925, died on March 18, 1929.  He is buried in the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery.

  2. Arlene Norman Huffman, born on July 19, 1927, died on December 27, 1985.  She and her husband, Roland T. Huffman Jr., born March 30, 1923, and died February 21, 1996, are buried in the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery.

  3. Adam Arnold Norman, born July 10, 1935, died September 10, 1999.  Arnold graduated from Belfry High School in Belfry, Kentucky, and ultimately worked for Ravenswood Aluminum in Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia.  On April 24, 1954,  Arnold married Iva Gloris Scott, born on November 19, 1935, and died on March 6, 2020.

  4. William Gary Norman

Beyond family

LeEttie was the essence of sweetness.  She was an avid reader, who, while she was dusting the house as a young girl,  found her parents’ love letters, so she promptly read them.  LeEttie was well known for her cooking and she hosted many family and church dinners.  Special family favorites were her chicken and dumplings, Italian cream cake, and her apple pie.  She liked stories and jokes, so she was always chuckling and laughing.


In addition to her family, LeEttie loved her church.  She was a faithful member of the Samaria Primitive Baptist Church at McCarr, Pike, Kentucky, after her baptism in 1943.

Adam, who was a coal miner, died on January 22, 1954, and LeEttie died on January 12, 1997. They are buried on the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery.

LeEttie and Adam

LeEttie Hatfield Norman #6 (at 4 years o

LeEttie about 1908

LeEttie head shot.jpg

LeEttie in 1994

*Excerpted from genealogical material in Love, Opal, Opal Stafford Hatfield, privately printed, 2008, p. 349-350.

LeEttie about 1908

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