William Jefferson

Hatfield Jr.


William "Bill"Jefferson Hatfield Jr.,* was born January 11, 1919, on Blackberry Creek in Pike County, Kentucky.  Bill married Lullis Katrina Kirk on September 18, 1938.  Lullis, the daughter of Roscoe and Pearl Cassidy Kirk, was born April 5, 1917, in Inez, Martin, Kentucky.  Bill and Lullis were the parents of:

  1. James "'Jim" Druey Hatfield

Bill and Lulles.JPG

Lullis and Bill

Bill's career

Bill served in World War II with General Dwight D. Eisenhower's Headquarters Staff.  He was very charismatic, polished, and traveled extensively.  Bill built a car from scrap and became engineer.  He designed plumbing layouts for major construction projects.

Bill's later years

Bill abt 1926 .jpg

Bill about 1926

After Bill and Lullis were divorced, Bill married Imogene Hager Adkins, the widow of Frelan Adkins.  Imogene was born July 21, 1927, and graduated from Morris Harvey College in Charleston, West Virginia.  After that, she taught in the Logan County, West Virginia, school system.

Lullis died on November 2, 1983, in Columbus, Ohio.  Bill died on July 3, 1985, in Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, and is buried at the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery.  Imogene died on January 27, 2001, in Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana.   

Imogene and  Bill in New York

*Excerpted from genealogical material in Love, Opal, Opal Stafford Hatfield, privately printed, 2008, p. 359-360.