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William Jefferson



William Jefferson "Jeff" Hatfield,* son of Anderson and Mary Polly Runyon Hatfield, was born July 30, 1874, on Blackberry Creek in Pike County, Kentucky. 


Jeff married Polly Margaret Runyon Hatfield on October 8, 1896.**  After Polly's death on April 16, 1938, Jeff married Rosettie "Zettie" Scott, the daughter of Anderson and  Barbara Bevins Scott, on June 16, 1939, at Canada, Pike, Kentucky.  Zettie was born March 18, 1880, in Hardy, Pike, Kentucky, and was the widow of Boyd Farley, son of Thomas and Lucy Rutherford Farley.  Zettie died on May 29, 1947.

WJ abt 1952.jpg

Jeff about 1952

Beyond family

Jeff  farmed, was a constable, owned a blacksmith shop, bought mineral rights for a coal company, oversaw a road crew, and worked as a blacksmith for the New Alma Coal Company.  He was well liked in the community and active in local politics.

Jeff joined the Primitive Baptist Church on May 1, 1938, and was baptized by Teddy Ball and A.R. Justice.  He served as clerk for the Samaria Primitive Baptist Church at Ransom, Pike, Kentucky, and was ordained as a Deacon.  Later, he moved his membership to the Old Pond Primitive Baptist Church in Belfry, Pike, Kentucky, the church of his parents and grandparents.

Jeff's later years

WJ abt. marriage fixed.jpg

Jeff about 1896

Jeff lived his later years with his youngest daughter and son-in-law, Katherine and Dovil Scott.  Jeff died on May 1, 1956, at McCarr, Pike County, Kentucky.  He and Polly are buried at the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery.

*Excerpted from genealogical material in Love, Opal, Opal Stafford Hatfield, privately printed, 2008, p. 341-346.

**The marriage date used here is the date identified in family documents, including Jeff and Polly's family Bible.  Their marriage license was issued in Mingo County, West Virginia, on October 3, 1896.

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