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Robert Ward



Robert “Bob” Ward Hatfield,* born May 11, 1910, had a easy grin and was acknowledged by his siblings as staying cool when others were hotly engaged.  Bob was a scholar, enjoyed reading quietly, and was a baseball fan.  He attended the Pikeville Academy in Pikeville, Kentucky.  

Bob married Virginia Frances Ratliff, the daughter of Henry and Minnie Justice Ratliff, on May 12, 1936.  Virginia was born on August 6, 1917, in Mingo County, West Virginia.  

Bob taught school, but the income was insufficient for his growing family.  He worked as a coal miner and later had a bookkeeping operation with Virginia.


Virginia and Bob

Bob and Virginia's family

Virginia was the disciplinarian, which came in handy as she and Bob became the parents of the following seven boys:  


  1. Robert Francis Hatfield, born August 31, 1936, died on 

       December 28, 2015.


    2. Donald “Don” Anthony Hatfield, born January 18, 1938, died on February 28, 2013.


    3. Lowell Deloss Hatfield, born August 11, 1939, died on June 14, 1999.

    4. Ronald Bruce Hatfield


    5. Douglas Carlyle Hatfield, born June 22, 1942, died May 16, 2006.

    6. Leslie Darnell Hatfield

    7.  Quentin Henry Lee Hatfield

Virginia was asked, "How did you raise seven boys?"  She responded, "You have to be tougher than nails."  In addition, family favorites such as her soup beans and cornbread, apple turnovers, and Daffy cake helped maintain order.

Virginia was a witty, free-spirited woman who was engaged in her church and studied the Bible.  She was a student of local history and would share her knowledge of local events like the Matewan Massacre. 

Bob _ abt. 21.jpg

Bob about 1930

Beyond family

Bob as child.jpg

Bob died on November 10, 1963, and Virginia died on February 14, 1995.  They are buried at the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery.

Bob about 1914

*Excerpted from genealogical material in Love, Opal, Opal Stafford Hatfield, privately printed, 2008, p. 352-353.

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