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Runyon Genealogy

This classic by Pike Countians Robert and Amos Runyon provides the genealogical background of Polly Margaret Runyon Hatfield's family.  Privately printed in 1955, but is available through libraries on online at the  Click below.

Runyon Genealogy.jpg

Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky

Originally published in 1957 by William C. Kozee, this book contains information about the settlement of eastern Kentucky, including early marriages; formation of government; and military service;

Kozee Pioneer families.jpg

Marriage Bonds of Pike County, Kentucky: 1822-1865

While this is a secondary source of collected information, Clyde Runyon of Belfry, Kentucky, in 1984 collected the information on Pike County marriage bonds.  This source identifies the persons to be married, the dates, and related persons like parents or those who put up the bonds.

Runyon Marriage Bonds.jpg

Love, Opal

This is the story of  Jeff and Polly's son, TC, and Opal Stafford moving though life with love and laughter, as written by Opal Stafford Hatfield.  It also has genealogical information about the Hatfields, Staffords, Runyons, and Gooslins in the Tug River area.  It is available at the University of Pikeville Library and the Daughter of the American Revolution Library in Washington, DC. 

Love, Opal.jpg

The Hatfields

This book about the Hatfield McCoy Feud by G. Elliott Hatfield also includes a chapter about "Genealogy of the West Virginia-Kentucky Hatfields:  1660-1950."  While other research indicates that his initial theory about the Ephraim Hatfield's family are direct descendants of Mattias and Maria Moylen Hatfield, this does not square with other research.  Nonetheless, his identification of the descendants of Joseph and Rachel Smith Hatfield is generally accurate.

Copies of this book are available, but very expensive.  It is available at libraries as accessed below.

The Hatfields by Elliott.jpg

The McCoys:  Their Story

While this is primarily about the Hatfield and McCoy Feud, it includes an extensive appendix with the descendants of William McCoy in the Tug Valley area.  Although expensive, copies are still available for sale and in libraries.

The McCoys.jpg
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