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Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery Update

Updating the Blackburn and Norman Inventories

Cousins gather for the first update in 2009

The inventories completed by Peggy Sue Blackburn Tussy and Aggie Lee Blackburn Hager (the Blackburn Inventory) and Fonnie Merle Hatfield Norman and Thomas "Tom"E. Norman (the Norman Inventory) are extremely valuable in creating a history of those buried there. The Norman Inventory was completed in 1976 and the Blackburn Inventory was done in 1989, so much has changed since then. The AHMC has well over 500 people interred there, which is quite large for a private, family cemetery.

In September 2009, Jeff and Polly's descendants gathered to update the information in the lower part of the Anderson Hatfield Memorial Cemetery. The result of this update has been made available earlier on this website. It is the part of the AHMC that is most familiar to Jeff and Polly's family because it is where Jeff, Polly, and their children are buried.

In September 2013 and in November 2018 Jeff and Polly's descendants started updating the inventory of the upper section of the AHMC. The field work has been completed, although some adjustments are being made to the original maps because of some very large sections.

In 2013 the cousins started work on the upper section of the ACHM

Information about the persons interred on all sections of the cemetery, including data about the persons interred, relationship data, and pictures has been added to this website. It can be accessed from the Name Inventory under the AHMC tab on the home page. This data will be continually updated as we develop additional information.


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