Hatfield Marriage Documents

Jeff and Polly's children "walked off" to get married.  For the most part, they left, mostly without telling Jeff, and came back married.  For more information, check out our Post about marriages in the Hatfield family. 


Jeff and Polly

Document says license issued October 3, but

family records show

the marriage to be October 8.


Melda and Orville

Orville and Melda started an exodus of six children leaving Jeff and Polly's home over sixteen months.  Guy and Jeanette were their witnessess.


Bob and Virginia

Bob and Virginia's marriage resulted in the birth

of seven sons.


Jeanette and LeeRoy

Jeanette and LeeRoy were both widowers, who shared the same church family.  They eloped to Virginia

to get married.


Estil and Pearl

They courted by swinging 

on the

Pearl's front porch.


Guy and Lilly

Lilly made Guy take her

back to high school in his first attempt to marry her, but he was successful in getting her to the altar the second time.


TC and Opal

TC had written Opal's

name in her first book, and she was "struck" on him

forever after that.


Bill and Lullis

Lullis was from Inez, Kentucky, 

and was exotic to the family in not having been raised in the larger Hatfield community around Blackberry. 


LeEttie and Adam

Jeff realized LeEttie had gotten married when he grasped

that Adam had missed work to get married.  Earl,

her brother, was a witness.


Katherine and Dovil

Katherine married Lilly's brother, Dovil, creating double marriages between the two families.


Jeanette and Anthony

Anthony brought to their marriage a daughter, Racine, who Jeanette considered her own.


Bill and Imogene

Imogene, a widow

and teacher, had a profound influence on Bill maintaining

a healthier lifestyle.