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  • How is the Jeff and Polly Runyon Hatfield family related to the Hatfield-McCoy Feud?
    Jeff Hatfield was the son of "Preacher" Anderson Hatfield. Preacher Anse was the half first cousin once removed of "Devil" Anderson Hatfield. In addition, Preacher Anse was the justice of the peace who presided over the Hog Trial preceding the Election Day fight. After the wounding of Ellison Hatfield on the 1882 Election Day (which resulted in his death), Preacher Anse ordered the three McCoy brothers, Tolbert, Pharmer, and Randolph "Bud" Jr., taken immediately to Pikeville to stand trial. They stopped en route, spent the night, and were subsequently overtaken by Devil Anse Hatfield, which led to their execution after Ellison died. On the 1882 Election Day, after Ellison was wounded, Preacher Anse's sleigh was used to transport Ellison to West Virginia, where he stayed until his death. Polly Margaret Runyon Hatfield, Jeff's mother, allowed him to go with the sleigh from the house to the election site where Ellison had been wounded.
  • When is the Jeff and Polly Hatfield Reunion?
    It is over the first Saturday in August. In 2019, it is August 1-4.
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